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The National examinations of medical practitioners trained outside Australia are administered by the Australian medical Council in order to determine the equivalents of the training and qualifications with Australian trained medical practitioners..

Most overseas trained doctors whose basic or whose basic medical qualifications are not recognised in Australia undergo the AMC examination to assess their clinical schools and medical knowledge for registration purposes.

It is the standard of results attained in the AMC exam is intended to be the same as that required of newly qualified Australian medical graduates prior to commenting in turn training. Candidates for the AMC examination must also meet the English language proficiency requirement.  

AMC examinations test medical knowledge, clinical competence, professional attitudes and performance.  Candidates must possess good medical knowledge which involves clear a clear understanding of the disease process, clinical examination, diagnosis, investigation, patient therapy and management.

Candidates for the AMC exams must demonstrate the ability to exercise discrimination, judgment, reasoning and communication.
There are two sections in the AMC exams.

1.  The computer administered multiple-choice examination consisting of multiple-choice questions of (MCQ).  The AMC MCQ tests candidates in general practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.  The AMC MCQ is conducted over one day, and is in two parts, each of three hours duration.  Each part consists of 125 questions.

2. The AMC Clinical examination covers medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics, and psychiatry.  The format of the AMC clinical exam can consists of a multistation assessment of candidates clinical skills and takes half a day.

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You will need to know about the MCQ and Clinical exam.
Information from the exam specification book by AMC

The AMC MCQ Exam is a computer administered, integrated examination over a total of 6 hours, consisting of 250 questions, divided into a morning and afternoon session of 125 question per session. It is conducted 5 times a year, in centers within Australia only. Dates for the exam and fees can be found at the AMC's website.

The MCQ exam covers a range of conditions in the disciplines of:

Medicine 65 questions
Surgery 50 questions
Pediatrics 35 questions
Obstetrics and Gynecology 30 questions
Psychiatry 20 questions

Of which only 200 is scored, and 50 is not scored.
The non-scored questions will test and calibrate new questions, which may be used in future exams, but will not be counted towards the overall score for the candidate.
Of the 200 scored questions, 60 questions are called mastery questions dealing with conditions and issues critical to the safety or outcome of the patient and those which are important in an Australian setting.


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