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General Practice (Family Medicine) in Australia can be a very challenging and fascinating experience. The General Practice here is very similar to that in other westernised countries with most GPs having patient list sizes between 500 to 2000 and providing a full range of primary care services to them.

In some practices, some GPs may choose to provide obstetric services, minor surgery clinics and may even provide some anaesthetic services to local hospitals. 
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GPs earn their income in Australia through Medicare rebates and private fees on a fee-for-service basis. Some practices may offer salaried positions where a GP is contracted to work a fixed number of hours for a fixed salary.

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We are the preferred supplier and sole supplier status with many GP practices in both Australia and so can offer GPs the widest choice of positions available. In addition, we representatives have detailed knowledge about your specialty and can offer advice on whether you would like to work in a General Practice which offers opportunities with or without

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Did you know that for certain jobs AMC exams are not necessarily required.

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Certain Doctor Locum Jobs do not need the AMC exam providing that you have enough experience as a doctor. Doctor Employment and Medical Locums can be found in our site partners.