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Medical Boards

The State and Territory Medical Boards are responsible for medical registration in Australia. They protect the community by ensuring that only properly trained doctors are registered, and that registered doctors maintain proper standards of conduct and competence.

The Boards advise the State and Territory Health Ministers on issues relating to health or medical practice. They also handle complaints from the public about particular doctors, by administering the legislation that investigates, judges and, if necessary, disciplines doctors for whom an incident is reported.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) conducts examinations that, if successfully completed, confer eligibility for a doctor to apply to a Medical Board for full medical registration. Applications for recognition of specialist qualifications are also made through the AMC. Medical Boards are assisted in making decisions regarding registration through the recommendations made by the assessing Specialist Medical College.

The AMC website has contact details for each Australian Medical Board or, you can visit the websites for each Medical Board using the links below.

State and Territory Medical Board websites

New South Wales Medical Board
Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria
Medical Board of Queensland
Medical Board of Western Australia
Medical Council of Tasmania
Medical Board of the Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory Medical Board
Medical Board of South Australia


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